I’m Nick

People call me the People-DIS-Pleaser because I teach thousands of people every week how to set boundaries and break free from people-pleasing.

(And that can be displeasing to the people that love to walk all over you!)

You CAN live a life that is genuine to you, people-pleasing isn’t your forever.

Trust me, I’ve walked that road from people-pleaser to captain of my own life.

I was right where you might be right now . . .

I was a people-pleaser to the core, always trying to prove myself. Not living my own life, but living for everybody else. Doing everything I was “supposed” to do, but miserable.

I was a shell of a person, only existing for everyone else.

(I’m not exaggerating either, I spent one Thanksgiving in a hospital bed by myself zonked out on antipsychotics and hovering between suicidal and homicidal. Anguish, pain and so much shame folks!)

I took the long, hard road from alcoholic, to sober, to setting my own boundaries and now a coach that teaches YOU to respect YOU.

My Story

In the beginning

People-pleasers are usually trained from childhood. The demand to be quiet, push aside your own needs and be EXACTLY what everyone else expects is DRILLED IN to our brains.

I spent my whole childhood and the first few years of adulthood trying to please my dad. I was constantly proving myself (and lying to myself about how miserable I was).

And then

Everything came crashing down. HARD! My dad was hiding a terrible secret and when I found out how horribly he betrayed us my world imploded.

I went right to the bottle and spent almost every minute at the bar. I threw everything away, the entire “perfect” life I’d built burned to the ground and I didn’t even care. I existed to drink.

I was in a terrible place, and if you saw a picture of me you would be shocked. I was overweight and looked like a hipster had been vomited out by the 90s. I was bloated, thinning hair, coming off a 3rd divorce and a business I’d bankrupted.

(Not a good look.)

My Breakthrough

One day at the bar everything was different. I WOKE UP! I thought “this isn’t who I am anymore.”

I just knew.

I called my mom and said, “Come pick me up, sell everything I own and put me in a detox center.”

I got sober. It was very lonely and included relapse after relapse, but I did it.

I was still miserable though, because I wasn’t being ME. I was still more concerned about pleasing the people around me than being genuine.

(The real problem? I didn’t even know who I was. I had no clue!)


I’d only been living for other people – I was a shallow shell of a person.

I didn’t know how to be the one and only Nick Pollard.

This was the beginning of the changes. Doormat Nick, the one who would ask “how high” when anybody said jump, the Nick with zero boundaries – he was OUT!

I was awake and I was going to be ME for the first time.

Being authentic has taken me to places I could never have imagined when I was a drunk.

The REAL Nick Pollard

  • My popular social media channel, @ thepeopledispleaser is approaching 1 million followers and my viral videos teach the brutal truths about being a people pleaser and setting boundaries.
  • I don’t play a character online, I’m me, you’ll see all my crippling insecurities. That’s exactly why my social media has blown up the way it did.
  • I show up as real. If you can do that in your life, your life gets better.


The truth is:

  • Being YOU is going to take you so much further than being fake
  • If you show up real in your life, your life gets BETTER
  • You CAN trust yourself to make decisions

But Nick, where do I even start?

Everyday people tell me, “Nick, I’ve ruined my life. What should I do?” And it doesn’t even matter what shit you’re going through, we’re going to start with principles and build from there.

First up, discover how to set boundaries that ACTUALLY work and don’t make you feel like a selfish jerk. Be authentic to you and say “NO” better with my FREE Bulletproof Boundaries Guide.

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Stop Pleasing, Set Boundaries, Start Living.

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