It’s not that you shouldn’t explain your boundaries. It’s that you shouldn’t really have to. If this lands for you, drop me a follow. One of the common misconceptions about boundaries is that you have to have boundary conversations with everyone. But when your boundaries are set correctly, they don’t require conversations at all because they’re not about anyone else.

They’re internal guidelines based on your value systems that determine how you show up in the world and what you’ll tolerate and won’t tolerate. Boundary like. I am not responsible for other people’s choices. Other people’s happiness is not my responsibility, and I’m not responsible for other people’s emotions are all personal statements of how you show up in the world, and they’re about how you operate.

Because those boundaries are for you and by you, you are responsible for honoring and protecting them or adhering to those guidelines. Remember that boundaries are something you do for yourself, not against other people. While a conversation can be a kind way of helping those you love understand your new boundaries, it’s not always a requirement.

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