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I’m Nick

People call me the People-Dis-Pleaser because I teach thousands of people every week to set boundaries and break-free from people-pleasing. (And that can be displeasing to the people that love to walk all over you!)

You CAN live a life that is genuine to you, people-pleasing isn’t your forever. Trust me, I’ve walked that road from people-pleaser to captain of my own life.

I was right where you might be right now . . .

Does this sound like you?

  • You think you don’t know how to change, and you need a bigshot coach to show you how
  • You keep buying golden price-tag coaching programs, and surprise, surprise, you’re buying ANOTHER program from the same coach the next year that also promises results
  • You’re convinced that if you just had the RIGHT method, you’d finally reach your goals in 30 days or less

Let’s Get you back in charge of your own life


What these boundary builders have To Say… 

I learned so much in Nick’s boundaries class and implement the knowledge on a daily basis in my personal and professional life. The most valuable lesson was leaning that boundaries are more internal and setting limits for myself vs focusing on the actions of other people. It’s up to me to stop saying yes, and focus on what I really want. I love how open Nick is about his own vulnerabilities and lessons he has learned. He has a honest approach to teaching and cares about his clients.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that working with Nick has changed my life. I’ve learned some approaches for both my work and personal lives that have enabled me to navigate priorities and relationships, thinking of others while also considering myself. Nick is also someone who is easy to talk to and relate to — he understood where I was at and was able to work with me to craft a plan that helped me reach some specific goals that I had in mind. I’m grateful for the time spent.


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I teach thousands of people every week to set boundaries and

break-free from people-pleasing.

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